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Acceptance of CCEI coursework varies within each state. Please check with the appropriate regulatory office(s) to ensure the courses you plan to take will satisfy the requirement(s) for which you are taking them.
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Training Level Rubric
(1 Course Hour = .1 CEU)
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  Course ID Course Name Course Level Course Hours
  ADM112 Program Leadership: Staff Retention and Motivation Intermediate 2
  CUR119 Theater Arts in Early Childhood Education Intermediate 2
  ADM109 Developing Leadership in Early Care and Education Intermediate 3
  ADM110 Technology and Social Media Policy in the Early Care and Education Environment Intermediate 4
  ADM111 Employee Performance Management in Out-of-School Programs Intermediate 4
  CCEI120 Brain Development and the Effects of Early Deprivation Intermediate 1
  CCEI1210 Assessing Young Children: Part 2 - Methods of Assessment Intermediate 1
  CCEI122 Active Learning in Early Childhood Intermediate 1
  CCEI1220 Assessing Young Children: Part 3 – Interpreting Data and Improving Practices Intermediate 1
  CCEI760 Rainbows and Rembrandts: Including Fine Art in Young Children's Programs Intermediate 1
  CCEI957 Budgeting Basics for Directors: Part II Intermediate 1
  CCEI966 Staff Retention & Motivation Part II Intermediate 1
  CHD102 Dual Language Learning in the Early Childhood Environment Intermediate 2
  CHD103 The Child’s Digital Universe: Technology and Digital Media in Early Childhood Intermediate 3
  CHD104 The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Intermediate 2
  CHD105 Focusing on Expressive Play and Artistic Development Intermediate 2
  COG100 Exploring Visual/Spatial Intelligence Intermediate 1
  COG101 Critical Thinking Skills in the Preschool Environment Intermediate 1
  CUR101 Tray Tasking - An Approach to Emerging Reading and Writing Skills Intermediate 1
  CUR103 Outdoor Learning Intermediate 3
  CUR107 Understanding the Infant-Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS-R) Intermediate 2
  CUR108 Understanding the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-R) Intermediate 4
  CUR110 What the Common Core State Standards Mean for Early Childhood Education Intermediate 2
  CUR112 Constructivist Learning Theory and Approaches to Hands-On Learning Intermediate 3
  CUR114 21st Century Social Studies in the Early Childhood Environment Intermediate 3
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Beginning Training Intermediate Training Advanced Training
The overall goal of the Beginning stage of competency based training is to expose the professional to new information. Beginning level training is most appropriate for those beginning their career or for those who have been in the field for a while but are exposed to new information or concepts. The goal for the Intermediate stage of competency based training is to help the professional expand and apply knowledge to their everyday practice. Intermediate level training is most appropriate for those professionals who have an adequate understanding of basic child development concepts/theory and have begun to make the connection of what they know to their everyday work with children. The Intermediate level training should encourage expanding knowledge and application to demonstrating refining skills. The overall goal for the Advanced stage of competency based training is to challenge the experienced professional to synthesize, form generalization, draw conclusions, apply, and modify acquired knowledge into everyday practice. Advanced level training is most appropriate for professionals who have achieved some formal education.

The focus of this level of training is on guiding the professional to use their knowledge and experience in mindful practice with children and families adapting and changing to new circumstances.